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Elevation Media NYC

Elevation Media can help you take your message to the next level.  Our team has worked with businesses of all kinds to bring results-driven interest in their events, locations and products.
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  • Content Creation

    Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production, Promotional Materials, Multimedia Advertisements & Livestream Production

  • Live Event & Business Marketing

    We specialize in event marketing. We work with business to help them reach their goals big and small. We can geofence areas and target consumers near venues as well as reach out to consumers interested in your product(s) and/or your event.

  • Audience Research & Targeting

    We research your competition, identify your target audiences, execute your marketing campaigns and maximize your spends to ensure you meet established KPI's & goals. 

  • Metrics Reporting & Forecasting

    We collect data and metrics on your ads and audiences to help understand past performance, analyze current campaigns, and forecast future performance.

  • Community Management

    We help to communicate with users on all supported platforms that have an interest in engaging with your brand as well as encourage the organic growth that comes from those interactions.

Elevation Media NYC

‪(817) 381-6251‬


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